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Waterproof Lash Lift & Tint

For the first time you can now lock growth serums into your lashes while doing a lash lift treatment. Our unique system infuses powerful plant-based growth enhancers into the hair shaft while the cuticle is open, and your lashes are being lifted. These cutting-edge growth serums will be locked into your lashes when the cuticles close making our growth serums up to 80% more effective than topical serums.

This formula creates a shield around the cuticle during the treatment ensuring cuticle preservation. This fortifies the structural integrity of the hair shaft making hair less prone to breakage and damage. Step 1 is formulated to coat the hair shaft with plant keratin which keeps the keratin intact while the perming process takes place. In normal perms or cheaper perms the hair keratin is broken down during the perm and the hair is left compromised. We have an olaplex type system in our lash lift product to avoid outer hair damage when perming.

We have a hair growth formulation which is infused into the hair shaft during step 1 and step 2 so that when the hair shaft is sealed the growth serum is locked into the hair. This will create stronger, thicker lashes for you each time you return for your appointment. In step 3 the treatment is formulated with hair strengtheners and plant-based hair conditioners which leaves the hair shiny and healthy. We have also added a water-resistant shield to our step 3 which means you will no longer have to worry or wait for getting your lashes wet after treatment, our shield will protect the lashes so you can shower without waiting the 24 - 48 hours. (It is recommended if you tint your lashes to still wait 24 hours, in order for tint to set)

The treatment is vegan plant-based non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty free, sulfate free, silicone free, balm oil free, sodium bromate free, ammonia free, and low odor. Low Ph level, chemicals that are used are of the highest quality grades only. All of the ingredients are sourced in the UK, Italy and Germany to ensure highest quality safety.

Lasts 6- 8 weeks depending on the lash cycle.

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