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Eyelash Extensions

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What Are Eye Lash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions redefines, lengthens and adds volume to your lashes. These are lash by lash extensions applied directly to your natural lashes one by one, for a natural or dramatic lash look.

Lashes last up to 3-4 weeks or longer depending on your natural growth and fall out cycles, if you’ve had lash extensions previously and the gentle care of your lashes.

At Lash Love Beauty Bar we only carry the best products and are trained/certified by the top LA Lash companies in the U.S. Your lashes will not be damaged or fall out. When done correctly by our lash artists your extensions can promote lash growth.

Eyelash Extension Sets

Classic Set Extensions are perfect for clients who already have a lot of lashes , but want to add more length. Classic lashes are also great for women who want more of a natural look.

Hybrid Set Extensions are a mixture of classic and volume lashes to create a fuller set or for those wanting a denser classic set.

Volume Set Extensions are lighter, fluffy and give the client a full look. Volume lashes are perfect for clients who don’t have a lot of lashes, have sparse lashes, bald spots or just want a more dramatic look without having to use a thicker lash extension.

Lash fill is adding a new eyelash extension to all of your new regrowth. Lash fills give you a fresh full look all over again. (must have at least 40% of extensions remaining)
Lash fills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain a nicer fuller look.

Lash Extension Prices

Classic Full Set- $150
One individual synthetic mink/silk lash extension is placed on each of your natural lashes, creating a natural look
Note: Results achieved will only be as full as according to your natural lashes
Time : 1.5 – 2 Hours

Hybrid Full Set- $170
One individual synthetic mink/silk lash extension is placed on each of your natural lashes with hand-maid volume fans placed sporadically to create a ‘denser’ look than the Classic Full Set
Time : 1.5 – 2 Hours

Volume Full Set- $185
Volume lash synthetic mink/silk extensions are created in a hand-maid fan and can achieve a full and fluffier look, creating anywhere from a Dramatic to a Natural Volume style
Time 1.5 -2 hours

Classic Fill- $40-$60

Hybrid Fill- $50-$70

Volume Fill- $60-$80

There must be 40% of your lash extensions still on to be considered a fill. Anything less or anything after 4 weeks is considered a Full Set and a full set price will be charged .

Deposit of $50 is required to book. If deposit is not made within 48 hours after booking your appointment will be cancelled. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE

Your DEPOSIT will be used towards your lash service. Remainder balance due at appointment.

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